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Gold Pass Competition

Max out your clan games points to be entered in a drawing for a free Gold Pass!  Every clan games event has a winner!  

Participate in Clan Wars and CWL to earn up to 45 extra entries and increase your odds of winning!


When you max your clan games points, you are entered into the competition with a base of 50 entries, plus 1 additional entry for up to 45 war stars earned during the past 15 wars.  You can earn a maximum of 95 entries total.  When clan games ends, one lucky entry will be randomly selected as the winner!

Gold Pass Competition

🏆 2023 Winners 🏆

January: kratos

February: yogib3ar

March: yogib3ar

April: krishhh

May: yogib3ar

June: AvEnGeR

July: AvEnGeR

August: Gigakile yt

September: black_box2000

October: black_box2000

🏆 2022 Winners 🏆

January:  ewan

February:  Skywalker

March:  Skywalker

April:  praawn

May:  Eradic

June:  DTown313

July:  Half-blood


September: koolio2y

October: koolio2y

November: kratos

December: weaboo

🏆 2021 Winners 🏆

January:  dracaryz9

February:  dracaryz9

March:  grayacres


May:  fr@nk


July:  brumo

August:  glxtch

September:  kingdobber

October:  Cal

November:  basselijntje

December:  yogib3ar1

🏆 2020 Winners 🏆

January:  EmbraceDaPlague

February:  kingdobber

March:  Breck

April :  dracaryz9

May:  kingdobber

June:  LoBo's:BlaNCa

July:  FrozenPlasma


September :  Breck

October:  kingdobber