PenguinsCanFly is CCF's official feeder clan for anyone who doesn't meet CCF's requirements yet.

Below Th12 and/or mildly rushed accounts welcome!

Clan Rules

  1. English is required.

  2. Discord is required to participate in CWL. Click here to join: JkbnCsWEbx

  3. Always keep your war preference updated to avoid being kicked for missing war attacks.

  4. Turn your war preference off when starting any hero upgrades. Warring without heroes is never a good idea.

  5. Max out your base and troops before upgrading your town hall. It's a better way to play, and you'll meet CCF's join requirements when you level up.

  6. Donate when you can—no required donation ratios. Feel free to request CC troops for your farming attacks!

  7. 14 days of inactivity is a friendly invite-kick. When you're active again, you can accept the invite to get back into the clan. Elders get an additional 14 day grace period.

  8. Always follow the war guidelines when participating in war. Same as CCF's but without the Discord requirements.

War Guidelines

Click here for the War Guidelines, or read them on Discord.

For CWL, attack your mirror.