Elder Guidelines

Join Requirements

Make sure players meet these requirements before you accept their join requests or send an invite via the recruiting tool.

  1. Must be Town Hall 11 or higher.

  2. No rushed bases, troops, or heroes.

    • Slightly rushed Th12-13s can be allowed if they have a large number of war stars (like 1000+).

  3. Must have a minimum of 300 war stars at Th11, and 500 for Th12+.

  4. Must speak English fluently (after they join).

    • Don’t feel bad about kicking someone right after accepting them if you can barely understand them in clan chat.

After accepting a join request

(or if someone joins from an invite while you're online)

  1. Welcome the new member to the clan.

  2. Tell them to check out the rules and join our Discord for war. Links are in the clan description.

Using the recruiting tool

You're welcome to use the recruiting tool if you want to help out with finding new members! Just make sure you only invite players that meet the join requirements above.

Kicking clan members

  • Leave kicking to the co-leaders unless:

    • Someone is flaming / causing chaos in clan chat

    • You just accepted a new member and discovered that they can barely speak coherent English