How to Get Promoted


  1. Have a solid understanding of our rules and guidelines.

  2. Be reliable in clan wars and CWL (this includes keeping your preference updated).

  3. Join and use our Discord server.

  4. Do things to increase your visible activity in the clan, such as:

    • Participating in war

    • Participating in CWL

    • Contributing to clan games

    • Using clan chat to chat with the clan

    • Answering questions in clan chat / Discord

    • Donating & requesting troops

    • Posting friendly challenges

    • Sharing replays with HQ captions

  5. It takes time. Stay loyal and always follow the rules/guidelines.


  • Promotions are based on the requirements for elder, as well as additional trust, maturity, leadership skills, and time.

  • You must be a member of our Discord server.

  • Help answer questions in clan chat / Discord frequently as an Elder.