Co-leader Guidelines

Starting Wars

  • Wars should be started between 11pm and 1am CST.
  • Do your best to avoid putting in people with outdated war preferences.
  • Watch out for members with the “new” tag. Make sure they're on Discord.
  • If extra participants are needed, add a couple alternate accounts.
    • For example, if we have 13 people who want to be in war, you can add 2 alts for a 15v15 so everyone gets to participate.


  • Becoming a co-leader will grant you additional abilities on Discord:
    • Kick, ban, change roles and nicknames, delete messages (manually or using !clear), and mention @everyone.
    • Access to the Co-leader Pimp-castle
    • Ability to send messages in #clan-mail
    • Ability to reset all CWL preferences using !cwl-reset
  • We will be notified in #mod-chat whenever a new Discord member is awaiting clan membership verification. Check if they are a CCF member, switch their role from Other Clans to Clan Member, and delete the message from #mod-chat when finished. Checking #clan-activity-feed is a quick and easy way to see if someone has recently joined the clan.
    • Alternatively, you can use this command to switch their roles:
!role UsernameHere +Clan Member, -Other Clans