Clan Rules

  1. Keep your war preference up to date at all times.
    • If you're new, turn your war preference off until you have both met the requirements in rule #2 and joined our Discord server (rule #3). Once your 'new' tag is gone, you may be kicked for outdated war preference.
  2. For new members with under 400 war stars: Before participating in your first war, you must share a replay of your favorite war army on an equal or higher level base in multiplayer, or demonstrate it in an FC.
    • You can mention @Co-leader on Discord to make sure we see your replay.
  3. Discord is required for war and CWL.
  4. Turn your war preference off when starting any hero upgrades.
  5. Donate whenever you're able—especially on battle days.
  6. Don’t donate the wrong troops.
  7. Promotions must be re-earned after leaving the clan; hopping is discouraged.
  8. If you have no badge, 0:0 donations, or an outdated war preference, you’re risking the boot.
  9. Do your best to contribute a minimum of 500 points to clan games.
  10. Follow our war guidelines when participating in war, and our CWL guidelines when participating in CWL.

War Guidelines

  1. Use both attacks, even if it's just for loot.
  2. Always attack below your mirror unless everything below it is already taken care of.
  3. Bottom/middle players attack within the first 18 hours of battle day.
  4. Check the war map notes on the bases around your level. We use them for assigning attacks, and for warnings / suggested strategies. Double-check notes before attacking because they change as the war progresses.
  5. If you're unsure about what army to use or which base to attack, ask.
  6. Check in to clan chat and Discord during war; communicate.
  7. On preparation day, whoever can donate max troops should help fill war CCs. Fill early to avoid close calls.
  8. It is recommended to add “for war” to your troop requests. If you see one of these requests and you can donate max troops, fill it ASAP.
  9. It is strongly recommended to download the Discord app on your mobile device to increase your availability for important notifications.

CWL Guidelines

  1. Turn on your Discord CWL preference to opt in. Keep your preference updated throughout CWL week.
    • See the pinned post on Discord in #cwl-preferences to learn how to use it.
    • Don't forget to opt out if you won't be able to attack! If your preference is on, you're responsible for your attacks and you'll be disqualified from receiving bonus medals if you miss one.
  2. Attack your mirror, unless there is a 0-starred base below you that you know you can 3-star.
  3. Bottom/middle players attack within the first 18 hours of battle day.
  4. In some cases, mirror-swapping can result in more stars. Of course, you should discuss this with whoever you want to swap attacks.
    • Example: You're a Th10 and you don't think you can 3-star your mirror, but you know you can get a good 2-star on a Th11's mirror. If the Th11 doesn't think they can 3-star their mirror anyways, then swapping attacks would result in an extra star on the Th10.
  5. Depending on our ranking, we will often coordinate attack-skipping towards the end of CWL week to avoid being promoted to a league where we are outmatched. We do this in two ways: half-wars & skip-wars.
    • In a half-war, everyone with 8 or more CWL stars must skip their attacks. This helps us drop our ranking while still allowing those with less than 8 stars to maximize their CWL rewards (8 stars = max rewards).
    • In a skip-war, all attacks are called off—everyone must skip their attacks. We typically only do skip-wars on the last day if we're still too far ahead in the rankings after doing a couple half-wars.
  6. You will be notified on Discord via #clan-mail when we declare a half/skip-war.

Note: Even though we may intentionally lower our ranking towards the end, we should still go full force in all other wars because every war-win awards extra league medals.

Bonus medals are distributed via a random drawing based on CWL performance and participation:

    • You get 1 entry for every star you earn.
    • If you miss an attack, you are disqualified.
    • You can't earn entries during a skip-war.
    • You can't earn entries during a half-war if you have 8+ stars.
    • When CWL ends, the results will be calculated here.